Spring Friday Mornings for Homeschoolers

This spring brought us cool wet weather to start and then with the warming, we had our share of mosquitoes. We had a lot of fun building things, exploring a local waterfall and wetland area, hanging out in hammocks, building fairy gardens, and sharing morning adventures while meeting some new friends!

Session 1: May 4, 2018

Session 2: May 11, 2018


Session 3: May 18, 2018

Session 4: May 25, 2018

Session 5: June 1, 2018

Session 6: June 8, 2018
Sometimes we are having so much fun, we forget to take our cameras out! But we do have proof that a friend worked on a fairy garden!

Session 7: June 15, 2018

Session 8: June 22, 2018

Spring Thursday Afterschool

Session 1: Thursday, May 3, 2018

First days are so fun-meeting new friends and figuring out how we are going to be together in the forest. So fun, in fact, we forgot to snap photos! Our afterschool program is all about getting the yayas out after sitting for much of the day. It often takes us a while to get down into the area where we like to play as we check out the Fortress of Relaxation, the Minecraft cliff, the sleeping dragon, chucking an acorn at the sign to get in, and finally having snack together, despite the lack of evidence, we did have some fun!


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